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Hello, and welcome to this window onto my world.


Featured here are three core aspects of my life – my professional work as Coach and Trainer; my creative passions; and my incipient forays into comedy.


No doubt these three aspects all influence each other. I certainly like the challenge of bringing disparate parts together into one integrated whole.


It’s all work in progress, as am I.


Professional Services


As a Personal/Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer I help people uncover their natural energy, clarity and resolve to thrive in life and work. My no-nonsense, while sensitive, approach enables quick access to insights and motivation for change.

Creative Work

Abstract 07

Away from work, I enjoy creative pursuits in various forms – drawing/painting, film-making and writing. I don’t claim great technical ability, but what I lack in skill I try to make up for with enthusiasm. I've usually got at least one or two creative projects on the go.



I love making people laugh. Recently I’ve dipped my toe into doing this publicly, through stand-up and comic video sketches. I’m currently experimenting with bringing humour more into my professional work. Watch this space for more. 


“Tim is perhaps the best trainer I have met. He has perfect communication skills.”

Serafim Cholakov, IT Manager, Servier Bulgaria

"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach."  Richard

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