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Coaching & Training In Organisations

Life at work for leaders and teams can be both fulfilling and challenging. I can help you connect with your natural energy and inspiration to thrive at work. And I help you cultivate clarity and resolve to deal effectively with tough workplace challenges.


My simple, no-nonsense approach – combining coaching with neuroscience-based mindfulness training – cuts through complex layers of theory, so you can quickly discover what you really need to thrive: your true aspirations and strengths. I then help you take pragmatic action to make the changes you need.


Executive Coaching

My executive coaching service can help you:

  • develop as a leader and finding your unique leadership strengths and style (see more below)

  • becoming more effective in your current role

  • hone effective communication and team working skills

  • prepare for a new work position – especially when moving into more senior roles

  • find a better work-life balance – in the context of common workplace challenges

  • manage workloads – time management, prioritising etc.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders and senior managers build successful careers through determination, vision and talent. But complex pressures often lead to fire-fighting and plate-spinning – which can be stressful and demotivating. I can reconnect you with your natural energy, creativity and inspiration – to meet tough leadership challenges with greater ease. My leadership coaching programme is founded on three cornerstones:

  • Mindfulness-based resilience: improving focus, productivity and problem-solving.

  • Authentic strengths: connecting with natural capacities, rather than striving to reach unrealistic ideals

  • Strong relationships: nurturing deep connections with others to work towards common goals.


Workplace Resilience Training

Growing pressure to do more for less takes its toll on organisations: 15m work days a year are lost through stress and depression. The current Covid-19 situation is adding extra layers of difficulty. People need a better way of thinking and working.  My mindfulness-based resilience training programme can help you: lower stress; manage workloads; adapt to rapid change; make good decisions under pressure; and prioritise competing demands.


The learning is highly experiential and pragmatic, teaching core skills to apply directly to


the working day.  The training is suitable for employees at all levels and can be provided to groups through in-house live programmes (on site/virtual), or to individuals through one-to-one coaching. For more in-depth information on my approach to teaching mindfulness-based resilience, click here.

Teams and Relationships

Team relationships can become strained when people feel under pressure. My simple but highly effective ‘Emotional Intelligence for Teams’ programme helps your team members cultivate highly sophisticated relationship skills, based on a healthy awareness  of each other’s needs, values and motivators.


And my Team Coaching & Facilitation can help teams function as fluidly as possible – identifying and removing blocks in the system that are causing inefficiencies, low morale, or a lack of clear direction. I support you to set up the best systems and habits to ensure the flow of communication, mutual understanding and unity of purpose.




"I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a trainer of the mindfulness approach to life." CEO, Corporate Law Firm

"I found Tim’s calm, gentle and intelligent approach so helpful. I cannot recommend him enough." Caroline Parkes

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