Executive and life coaching

It’s reasonable to want life – at work and elsewhere – to feel rich and rewarding. But sometimes things can get a bit stale or stuck. You may feel you could be more effective in your current work role, or that you’re ready to progress to a new one. Perhaps you want to develop better relationships with others. Or maybe you want to handle the pressures of life at work or at home with more ease.

As a Professional Certified Coach with 1000+ client hours’ experience, I can help you explore what might need to change and how – to ensure your work and life feels truly fulfilling. I’ll support you to discover and fine-tune your true values and capacities; and to break through whatever’s stopping you from acting fully on them. My distinctive coaching approach – incorporating mindfulness techniques to build greater awareness – ensures the full spectrum of your experience is included: your head and heart; and your mind and body. Where appropriate, the coaching can be structured around my book The ABC Guide to Mindfulness.

The Coaching Process

Step 1. Exploring and scoping: a free 30 minute Skype/Zoom ‘discovery’ session. With executive coaching, we can also have a three-way scoping meeting with the coaching sponsor to identify aims, expectations, and parameters.

Step 2 – Coaching for insight and changeThroughout the whole coaching process, I’ll focus totally on enabling you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I’ll listen carefully, reflect back what I hear, and ask questions to go deeper. I’ll encourage and challenge you to overcome obstacles and take action.

Step 3 – ReviewThroughout the coaching process, I’ll check in with you to see if the coaching sessions are working for you, and what changes to the process you might want to make.

Leadership Coaching

Becoming a leader takes a combination of hard work, talent and drive - and can be a source of great fulfilment. But leadership often brings complex and stressful challenges, which can take their toll. They can disconnect you from the natural energy, creativity and inspiration that pave the way into leadership in the first place. If this feels like you, I can help you reconnect with these vital qualities – so you can lead with a greater sense of ease, lightness and enjoyment. My 'Wisdom at Work' Leadership Coaching Programme is founded on three cornerstones:

Mental resilience

It’s easy as a leader to get caught up in fire-fighting and plate-spinning, leaving no energy for anything else. I can help you develop a steady mind in the face of stressful demands – for better focus, clearer thinking, and natural productivity. This well tried and test mindfulness-based approach to mental resilience follows a simple ABC model:

​Awareness - of your mental and physical experience

Being with experience – creating space to deal with challenging problems and emotions

Choosing wise responses, by responding wisely instead of reacting automatically

Authentic leadership

Leadership can be demanding – with multiple layers of complexity and the constant pressure to perform. I can help make things easier: supporting you to identify your unique skillset, and true sources of inspiration and enjoyment at work – and then to confidently lead others from this reliable foundation:

1: Unblocking – learn to hang loose to prescribed leadership models, and let go of self-doubt

2: Diving deeper – find your unique leadership style; identify core values and strengths

3: Making it work – apply your distinct leadership capacities to your role

Strong relationships

Effective leadership relies on healthy relationships. Yet these can easily become strained when we’re under pressure. I can help you nurture strong relationships, and develop a ‘co-active’ leadership and communication model that makes it easier to lead others and support their development.


"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach."  Richard

“Tim skillfully balances creating a warm and positive coaching relationship with cutting to the chase to push your thinking forward. He is sensitive, positive, and constructive. He listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve through coaching and learning about mindfulness and did a great job of tailoring what we did to what I'd asked for.” Anon