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‘Be Here Now’: ONLINE Mindfulness in Coaching Programme

Learn powerful ‘mindfulness’ skills and techniques to take your professional coaching practice to deeper levels of mastery, clarity and confidence; and to significantly enhance your personal wellbeing and resilience. The programme takes place over six live weekly Zoom sessions and provides 22 ICF CCE units (19 core competency and 3 resource development). Dates throughout the year - see below for details and booking.


Course bookings

Bookings for this course are via Eventbrite. See below under 'Where and when' for more details.

Please note that the dates shown on the Evenbrite bookings page for each course are for the first session of a series of six sessions, held weekly.

Book a free 75 min taster session on Zoom - 'Introduction to Mindfulness in Coaching'

This highly experiential Zoom session will cover: the origins and practices of mindfulness and its affinity with coaching; how to practise simple, clinically-proven mindfulness techniques to support your coaching presence, thinking processes and emotional resilience; and how to share these techniques with your clients. The workshop will also give a taste of the full 6-week programme. I run these free taster sessions throughout the year.

Why mindfulness in coaching?

Truly effective coaching relies on the quality of your awareness and presence – so you can ‘hold the space’ for the client’s process of enquiry, insight and change. Mindfulness is the most effective training to cultivate this. Developed through meditation and other simple exercises, it’s about learning to pay attention in the present moment to yourself, others and your environment. Clinical research has proven the positive benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing, resilience and clarity of thought.

Who’s this programme for?

The programme is suitable for practising coaches of all kinds (life coaches, executive coaches, etc.) seeking greater depth of coaching practice. It’s particularly useful for ICF coaches seeking CCEUs for credential renewals.

Where, when and cost

The training takes place over six live Zoom weekly 2-hour sessions, with two hours of ‘home practice’ (coaching in pairs, plus reading) in between each session. The programme is limited to 10 participants to ensure sufficient attention is given to each participant. The course fee is £420. Courses take place throughout the year. The next courses are:

  • Mondays 21 Feb – 28 March 2022

  • Tuesdays 26 April – 31 May 2022

  • Mondays 27 June – 1 August 2022

  • Mondays 19 September – 24 October 2022

  • Mondays 14 November – 19 December 2022

All sessions take place at 17.00-19.00 UK time)

NB: Sessions are recorded so it's fine to miss up to two of the live sessions as long as you watch the recordings in full and take part in the home practice.

Please note that the dates shown on the Evenbrite bookings page for each course are for the first session of a series of six sessions, held weekly.

What will I get?

You will develop greater levels of confidence, psychological flexibility and intuitive awareness to apply both to your coaching practice and your personal life. Put more simply, you will learn how to feel more present, centred and ‘tuned in’ – whatever you’re doing. To support the six live online sessions, the programme includes a comprehensive ‘workbook’ with essential background material on both mindfulness as a practice in its own right and its applications in coaching. You will also have access to a range of guided mindfulness meditations to practise in your own time. You will get 22 ICF CCE units (19 core competency and 3 resource development).

What does the programme cover?

  • Session 1: Introducing mindfulness in coaching

  • Session 2: Mindful awareness in coaching

  • Session 3: Working mindfully with thoughts in coaching

  • Session 4: Working mindfully with emotions in coaching

  • Session 5: Working mindfully with choice, decision and actions in coaching

  • Session 6: Taking mindfulness into your coaching future

Through a balance of theory and practice, the programme works at three levels:

 1. Mindfulness fundamentals – to enhance your own wellbeing, awareness and clarity of thought, as the basis for learning at the next two levels

2. ‘Explicit’ mindfulness in coaching – sharing with clients simple techniques and meditations, and using mindfulness-based reflections and questions 

3. ‘Implicit’ mindfulness in coaching – mindfulness techniques to help manage yourself best as a coach; using mindfulness-based approaches and tools to deepen and sharpen all the ICF Core Competencies:

  • hold the broadest perspective whilst also focusing on the client’s agenda (agreements)

  • build a natural, compassionate rapport with the client (safety and trust )

  • be fully available for the client with curiosity and calm non-judgment (presence)

  • listen deeply to what is really going on for the client (active listening)

  • develop your confidence to say what needs to be said (evoking awareness)

  • understand when ‘doing’ needs to be counterbalanced by ‘being’, enabling clients’ actions to be authentic and effective (facilitating client growth)

Please note that the dates shown on the Evenbrite bookings page for each course are for the first session of a series of six sessions, held weekly.


"Tim's expertise and how he seemed to live and breathe his teaching made a profound impact on me."

"A great course – well worth it. Should be a mandatory part of coach training."

"Great content. Tim is extremely knowledgeable and presents the content in a very open, accessible and helpful manner. I would highly recommend this course to those who wish to reflect and deepen their presence both in their coaching sessions and in life in general. I loved the peer coaching element to practice skills and learn more about the process."


"Practical tools, the chance to practice and have thought-provoking discussion. It was an excellent course, I felt incredibly supported and 'well-held' in the experimental space. Thank you Tim!"

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