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Friends in the Frame - Georgia

‘I have a huge amount of internal energy to get things done.
I’m very focused and motivated.’

Georgia is passionate. It may not seem so at first: my initial impressions were of someone gentle, considerate and sensitive. She’s these things, too, but there’s something of a fire burning below. She wants to have an impact on the world and people around her.

She also wants to learn and be inspired by others: ‘I love talking to people, having conversations, just hanging out. I’m a very open person and I’m committed to learning about other people and processes.’ It’s all ultimately about a fundamental quality for her of ‘connectnedness – with the earth, with myself and with people’. She’s fascinated by the dynamics of groups, and puts herself in these situations to learn something, even if they are challenging. This must require courage, as I’ve also seen a certain shyness in her.

What Georgia particularly responds to in such situations is ‘being present in the moment and responding to things as they happen’. And the purest manifestation she’s found so far of this is contact improvisation, a dance form that’s all about reacting to the weight and movement of your partner.

As someone with a thirst for learning, Georgia has a lively mind and keen intellect. It’s very much her own mind, too – she thinks things through deeply, often leading to a unique take on things. I’ve noticed her thoughtfully observing what’s going on around her, rather like the wise owl in her portrait.

Such wise observation is a quality that Georgia admires in her great-grandmother, whom she sees as one of the biggest influences in her life: ‘She was always an extremely active thinker and her take on the world was just on the point. Her state of mind is something that I want to keep with me.’ Long may you do so, Georgia.

How I know Georgia

Georgia was a regular attendee at a weekly art club I set up in 2014 (people coming together simply to draw and paint in each other’s company). I remember her distinctly at the very first session, looking so pleased to be there! Her enthusiasm for the club and for expressing her creativity prompted me to invite her to co-run the club with me, which she did for a year or so. It was great working with her – I appreciated her enthusiasm and passion, along with her sensitivity and sincerity. These are qualities I continue to enjoy in her.

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