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Friends in the Frame - Luisa

‘I feel like I’ve got quite a good instinct. I never deliberate about whether to do things. I just know if I want to do something.’

Luisa has an enviable ability to avoid wasting emotional energy on things that don’t really matter. ‘I don’t take a lot of things seriously. I think I see things in perspective most of the time.’

It’s an approach to life that seems rooted in a kind of spiritual confidence: ‘I feel like everything happens for a reason. And I can see how one thing leads on to the next.’ Linked to this is a love of beauty, nature and the world around her: ‘I really appreciate what’s around me … just having time to really look at things, and just to be.’

I also see Luisa’s light-hearted playfulness as part of the same picture: ‘I generally just want to have a laugh all the time.’ But it doesn’t make her frivolous – she does take the ‘real hard-core stuff’ seriously.

Luisa is indeed very clear about what this ‘hard-core stuff’ is. First, there are her friends – she makes sure she has good people around her, and feels ‘grateful for them, and proud to know them … I think about them a lot and want to make sure they’re okay.’

Next, there’s her work as a professional clarinettist: ‘I place a lot of importance on being good at my work. And I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.’ And then there’s her ‘obsession with music’ – where her professional and personal lives overlap.

As for the future, Luisa is characteristically clear about what she would like to happen. She is happy with her life, and wants things to continue as they are, but with one major addition: ‘I want to meet an amazing guy, fall in love and have babies. And be happy in that.’ While she admits to ‘finding it difficult to be honest, vulnerable and authentic in relationships’, I don’t doubt that she will find the man she seeks. And I wish it so.

How I know Luisa

Luisa and I met at a ‘holistic’ holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros (another weird and wacky experience – I seem to have accumulated these …). I was lucky to be admitted into a little clique including her, Paula and Paula’s partner Suse, among others. What bonded us all was a healthy irreverence towards any false pretences (and believe me, you get these on holistic holidays) along with a serious interest in talking about what really matters … and just having a really good laugh! I continue to delight in the combination of these qualities in Luisa. 

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