Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the art of skilful awareness. I know from personal experience that it can be a game changer – transforming one’s experience of oneself and life. It’s not a quick fix or panacea, but it can help you make the shift from mere surviving to thriving in life.


I can teach you how to cultivate this fundamental orientation to life through a programme of one-to-one mindfulness coaching based around my book, ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’. As well as rooting you deeply in fundamental mindfulness practices for deeper awareness and contentment, the coaching will draw out key insights for your personal or professional life.

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How does mindfulness work?

When you train in mindfulness, you learn to become more aware of what’s actually going on in and around you. By developing this ‘mental muscle’ – through regular practice of simple awareness techniques – you build new neural pathways to parts of the brain associated with calm, wellbeing and emotional positivity. It also counteracts unhelpful ‘autopilot’ thinking – when attention gets stuck in difficult thoughts and emotions – opening up access to higher brain functions for clear thinking. Mindfulness has been shown in clinical studies to lead to significant improvements in:​

  • Performance: focus, concentration and productivity

  • Cognitive functioning: learning, memory, creative problem solving

  • Wellbeing: calm & emotional positivity

  • Relationship and communication: empathy and emotional intelligence

My ABC approach

​I’ve developed a highly effective and simplified ABC model for teaching mindfulness:

  • Awareness: of your mind/body experience, grounding yourself, and creating space for reflection

  • Being with your experience: allowing your brain and body to process your thoughts and emotions

  • Choosing wise responses: accessing your wise mind to make good decisions


"I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a trainer of the mindfulness approach to life." CEO, Corporate Law Firm

"I found Tim’s calm, gentle and intelligent approach so helpful. I cannot recommend him enough." Caroline Parkes