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Friends in the Frame - Seyfi

‘I’m proud of how I’ve worked on my mind. The awareness created gives me choice and has improved my quality of life.’

Seyfi is profoundly dedicated to his growth as a human being. ‘Becoming more aware, considered and kind allows me to contribute to the people I love in my life.’ Growth also means ‘learning about the world I live in so I can come into better relationship with it’.

His personal growth has come about through work on both mind and body, particularly yoga and meditation. ‘I feel alive when doing these practices – they allow me to create space around my thoughts. It’s as if I connect with something that makes me feel loved and therefore more able to be loving.’ Working with the body also provides a channel for his creative energies, seen in its most exuberant form in his belly dancing (which I’ve witnessed, and it’s quite a spectacle!).

That sense of connection – both to something loving in the universe and to his loved ones – is of central importance to Seyfi. He’s proud of his friendships, and recognises that he’s ‘good at putting people at ease’. He enjoys entertaining, and I can testify to how natural and generous a host he is. And his sensitivity makes him well suited to his work teaching excluded teenagers, and as a trainee counsellor.

Seyfi is refreshingly open about his struggles: growing up in a Turkish family in East London, and realising as a teenager he was gay, he’s often felt like an outsider. But he always reflects on his difficulties with endearing humour and playfulness: ‘The victim part of me says that nothing comes easy – it’s been bloody hard work!’

Despite this, he maintains a healthy sense of ambition for the future. ‘I’d love to prosper in my profession. I want to be successful. I want to own my own home. And I want to be in a loving relationship built on honesty and integrity.’ May you grow and prosper, Seyfi.

How I know Seyfi

My first encounter with Seyfi was at a Buddhist retreat in 2007. We did a ‘communication exercise’ together, and I remember how alive and vibrant he seemed, even a bit feisty! There was much sensitivity and warmth there, too. Some years later we both lived for a while in a Buddhist community, and our friendship steadily grew. Being part of a men’s group (including also Dzidek), and sharing a holiday with him and Dzidek, has enabled that friendship to deepen substantially. I love Seyfi’s energy and resolve, combined with softness and playfulness.

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